Wednesday, September 25, 2013

How to stay healthy in the Winter Months!

Hey Everyone,

Every year I always get at least 1 good cold, like the rest of you! For me, I usually work right through it because I have a hard time allowing myself to relax, thus this is how I get the cold (again like the rest of us)! Last year, however, I got the FLU!! I have not had the flu in probably 15 years! This was the eye opener! I was forced to stay in bed and suffer through its annoying symptoms while promising my body I will rest more, haha! For those who know me well, this is a big feat! Rest and I don't really get along. Don't get me wrong I love to sleep and rest but I always feel there is more to do and better ways to spend that hour I have free in between the 4 jobs! This is why I am blogging to you :)

Therefore, my goal this winter season is to NOT get sick at all! Here are some things I will try to do this winter to beat the cold season! Will you try it with me?! Also, add a comment to help me and others stay healthy!


2) Eat a proper and nutritional diet

3) As well as getting needed vitamins from healthy foods, take a multi-vitamin or Ester C, Echinacea, etc...

4) Drink lots (more) water!

5)Workout, but not too much!

6) Sleep - as in don't force myself to stay up and watch Jimmy Fallon skits with Justin Timberlake!

7) Use hand sanitizers more often but DO NOT replace it with hand washing!


Anything I am missing? Let me know!!